Wedding Wednesday: The “Let’s Talk About How Perfect My Bouquet Was” Edition

I have to say, my flowers turned out to be one of my favorite details of the wedding. You can show your florist all the magazine pictures and Pinterest boards you want, but let’s face it– you still won’t know exactly what your bouquet is going to look like until your actual wedding day. My florist absolutely nailed it! My bouquet was exactly what I wanted.
DeBrabander_0135 - Version 2
The cameo brooch was “Something Borrowed” from the mother of the groom. The locket belonged to my great-grandmother — Something Old. I found gorgeous vintage ribbon on Etsy to wrap around my bouquet. They were removed during the ceremony to be used as handfasting cords.

DeBrabander_0054 DeBrabander_0644
DeBrabander_0829 - Version 2
The bridesmaids’ bouquets were made of the same assortment of flowers as mine.
DeBrabander_0656 - Version 2

I had shown my florist this magazine cover as inspiration. She created the same look using flowers that were in season!
Not bad, huh?

♥ kathyberry | lace & whimsy vintage | the berry store


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A Future of Domestic Bliss! – Bridal Shower

My bridal shower is tomorrow! The second one, that is. Chris’s mother (who is also named Kathy, so the namesake thing is about to reach Level 2 when I have the same last name as her in a couple weeks) threw me a Victorian tea party inspired shower. It was freaking gorgeous. Exhibit A:

The shower tomorrow is being hosted by my bridesmaids [read: my mother, but that wouldn’t be good bridal etiquette] and is 50s housewife themed! The invitations are adorable.  So excited!


Domestic Bliss!