Made my 16th Etsy sale today!

(Ethereal 1950s Bridal Crown – Lace & Whimsy Vintage on Etsy)

I have a couple items in my inventory I need to photograph and list. Most of my listed items have now sold. Time to find some more treasures to sell!

I took the following photo of the crown before adding bubble wrap and taping up the box:
I always add heart or star confetti to my packages for a playful touch! Such a pretty find, it was a little bittersweet to ship it off!



2 thoughts on “Made my 16th Etsy sale today!

    • Mine too! I was a little sad to part with it. Though I did tell the buyer she could return it if she would pay return shipping and a restocking fee. She was worried it wouldn’t match her dress, which is valid. I generally don’t accept returns though. I digress. Point being that she could return it and I wouldn’t be too upset. It is a pretty thing to have around, though useless.


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