Smitten with Mittens

Hello, my dear readers. Remember the sweater I designed for my darling little puppy? No? Well, here… take a look. Click here. Ringing a bell? Well I posted the pattern for sale and it has been quite a big seller. The mitten pattern, not so much…
However… I had someone order a pair of the actual mittens. I guess no one is interested in knitting a pair themselves!
I had an Etsy customer request these in a smaller size. Custom orders are the best… that’s part of the fun of the whole handmade marketplace, don’tyathink?

This was my first sale of a physical item–not a pattern download, that wasn’t by someone I knew personally. It was a little bittersweet since I was so into the sweater dress and didn’t want to switch gears and make those mittens again. Though if I’m going to sell things on Etsy that aren’t in stock, that’s the price I pay. And hey, it’s really not so bad.

I definitely had to glance over my pattern to give myself a refresher course on how the heck I made these mittens last time. As I started to string the beads onto the yarn, I thought to myself that I must have been crazy to pair this bulky yarn with little 6/0 beads. What a hassle. However, once I got started… it wasn’t so hard. And it’s so worth it! This yarn is wonderful. There are very few “chain-store yarns” that are worth writing home about. Lion Brand Baby’s First would be one of them. It is so incredibly smooth. Also, it doesn’t have a luster to it… I think “shiny baby yarn” is a little overused. This yarn is just smooth, simple, and luxurious–as far as cheapy yarn goes. I would highly recommend it.

Revisiting this pattern has reminded me of… for lack of a better description…how awesome I am! Not going to be shy about it… I’m very proud of this pattern. I didn’t snag the cabled pattern from a stitch pattern. Just experimented with the beads and yarn until I found something I liked. I’m so touched that someone ordered a pair! Having strangers pay money for my creations never gets old, and never will.


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