The Sweater Dress Experiment

I’m somehow under the delusion that designing two pairs of gloves and a dog sweater has in any way prepared me to jump right into designing a sweater dress. I’m about 4 inches up from the hem, and so far so good. With a little luck, this dress will turn out as beautiful as it looks in my head.

For Christmas, I was given a beautiful green sweater dress that fits me perfectly! This dress inspired me to design my own. I have 10+ balls of Zitron Ecco yarn that Chris’s mom bought me for my birthday. The original intent was for me to make a throw blanket to match my room. I’ve just been in too much of an experimental mood lately to want to knit something as repetitive as a blanket. This yarn is so luxurious that I can’t let it sit in a basket another day longer!


One thought on “The Sweater Dress Experiment

  1. I am attempting, again, the comment thing. I signed into an old Blogger account that I had, when I had to move away from 360 and friends were trying different sites. This one never took off, but maybe I'll use it for new stuff.

    Anyway, I love the purple yarn. Good luck on the dress.


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