hand-warmers & halloween

Picture time! As promised, here are pictures of the fingerless gloves.
(They’re still a little on the big side, even after my attempt at shrinking them. I have dainty little girl hands!!)



I’ve spent all day baking and decorating for the Halloween party tomorrow.  Here are some pictures!

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Quick little blog…

I haven’t accomplished too much on the knitting front the past couple days. I did play around with some embroidery techniques last night. I’m not posting pictures of my first attempts on here because I don’t want to embarrass myself. I’m trying to learn some basic decorative stitches to use to embellish simple items. Just need a little more practice!

I got this great book at the library yesterday, Finishing Techniques. It goes over some basics, such as increasing, decreasing, and seaming. The author also shares some great tips for piecing garments together to have a very professional look that the knitter will be proud of, rather than shove the garment in the depths of a closet. This book is a great library staple for any knitter to have as a reference guide.

tink tink tink

For my non-knittng readers, “tink” (knit spelled backwards) means “knitting backwards.” In other words, undoing your work one stitch at a time to go back and fix a mistake.
Which brings us to my progress report on the SweaterBabe vest I am making Julie for Christmas…
I couldn’t sleep the other night and was up late working on it, and next thing I know… I have two button holes on one side and one on the other… well, crap. Time to tink.

Other than the buttonhole fiasco, the vest is coming along quite nicely. I bought some beautiful buttons at JoAnn that look great with the yarn and the style of the vest. I will hopefully have it done by the end of the weekend.

Finally finished the pumpkins!!!

Aren’t they lovely? I made 10 for Kathy’s order, plus a couple to keep for myself and give as gifts. I made 15 pumpkins total! I’ve had enough pumpkin making for one season…
I’ve started a pair of fingerless gloves. I needed a quick “instant gratification” project before starting the throw blanket. I finished one already and started the cuff of the second. I didn’t have size 4 dpns, so I used size 5s. That made the gloves a little bit looser/bigger than I would have liked–and I have small hands to begin with! I think a cycle through the washing machine might tighten them up a bit. The dusty purple yarn looks great with the crosshatch texture. I’m overall pretty happy with how they’re turning out. I’ll post pictures when I finish.

Knitting, knitting, and more knitting.

Finished my [unintentionally mobius] cowl!


I can’t seem to find a pattern that works for the Garnet Dewdrop yarn by Loops & Threads. I’ve tried the Eyelet Wrap, a cowl, and a shawl pattern. I just don’t like how the yarn looks with any of those patterns. Its a beautiful yarn, but not the ideal choice for the patterns I was using I guess. I think I might just go with a simple scarf. It worked well for the cabled scarf I made for Lizzie:

The Zitron Merino yarn that Chris’s mom ordered me for my birthday finally came in! It came in on October 7th…. exactly one month past my birthday!

I guess I’ll set the Dewdrop yarn aside for now until I figure out what to make with it. Now I can focus on making a throw with the Zitron. I have a couple of stitches from the Vogue Stitch-a-Day calendars I want to test out that I think will look gorgeous with the yarn.

I need to run over to JoAnn today to pick up another skein of the TLC yarn I was using for the pumpkins–ran out last night.Three more pumpkins to go! I hope to be done by the end of the weekend. I’m planning on getting tons of knitting done today. Chris just got a new TV so I’m sure there will be lots of movie-viewing going on today. Perfect knitting opportunity!