I’ve knitting like a crazy person the past few days. I made Lizzie a cabled scarf with sequined “Dewdrop” yarn by Loops & Threads. I wish it was available at stores other than Michael’s because there isn’t one too close to here. I love the yarn so much, I bought 3 skeins for myself in red. I’m working on an oversized scarf/wrap for myself. The Lizzie-scarf was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but she was just too excited for it so I gave it to her when I finished. I’m going to have to keep whatever I knit her for Christmas a secret so I don’t give in to her adorable 9-year-old-ness.

I also started a cowl scarf. I’m using a pale gray yarn, Lion Brand Cotton Ease. I guess Cotton isn’t really a traditional choice for neckwear, but I just LOVE Cotton Easy. It’s just so soft! And I thought if it wasn’t too warm of a fabric, the cowl would be a nice “indoor accessory” with a brooch gathering the cowl along with a simple black shirt and skinny jeans. Chic!

On row 23… and realized the stitches were twisted when I joined in the round. Classic. I spent an afternoon unwittingly knitting a mobius strip. You know what? I’m gonna keep going with it. With the help of Google, I learned that mobius cowls are a real thing that people make intentionally.

Kathy (boyfriend’s mom) has commissioned me to make her 10 knit pumpkins. I will be BUSY over the next week or so. I’m up to the challenge though! I’ll get started tonight while Chris and I watch Iron Man 2, which just came out today.

I want to order some Cascade 220 wool yarn. Everyone raves about it and I want to see what all the fuss is about.


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